Versace Perfume

Versace founded by the creative and talented Italian designer of past decades Gianni Versace in 1978. Gianni Versace was born on 2nd December 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. After establishment of his company soon he got praise internationally due to his dashing cuts, out standing stuff and brilliant prints.

Armani Perfume

Giorgio Armani was born in Piacenza, Emilia Romagna, Italy in 1934. He is one of the best creative and intellect designers in Italy. Basically Armani trained in medicine and photography, but by chance he came into fashion designing line.

Hugo Boss Perfume

Hugo Boss is a fashion company in Germany for Men’s and Woman’s. It was established in Germany in 1923.Hugo Boss launched its first fragrance in 1993 and then in 1999 the company released another fragrance named Boss Orange.All products of Hugo Boss are owned by Procter & Gamble.

J Lo Perfume

Jennifer Lopez is founder of” J Lo perfume”. Lopez introduces a clothing line, J LO by Jennifer Lopez whose brand has been license for a term by Warnaco Group. Jennifer Lopez started his perfume industry, with her first product “Glow by J. Lo” which broke numerous previous records of sales in market. 

Alexander McQueen Perfume

Alexander McQueen introduced his studio in 1992. His real name is Lee McQueen. He was the son of a Taxi driver. He had no formal education but the director of Central St Martins College of Art & Design for a Masters Degree admitted him because he took one look at his work. He is one of the most and well experienced fashion designer in London. 

Aramis Perfume

Aramis Perfume was created and introduced by Aramis. Aramis had an interested in technology. He had knowledge about technology. He was also interested in fashion house and launched his product. He was very able man. He wants to utilize his qualities in this profession. He was an English designer.

Avon Perfume

Avon products have an interesting history. Avon was started by Mr. David McConnell as a California perfume company. Avon perfume was introduced to the world in 1886. Avon products were founded throughout the world. Avon is a very famous company. It is large scale company. Avon marketed his product around the world. 

Blue Jeans Perfume

Blue Jeans is famous brand by Versace. Versace was launched in 1978 with the help of his brother Santo. Blue Jeans Perfume was great creation of Versace. His full name was Gianni Versace. Before introduced a company he was worked as a freelance designer. Versace was prepared his collection for top fashion house. 

Christian Dior Perfume

Parfums Christian Dior is the make-up and perfumery line of Christian Dior SA, based on the company created by twentieth-century fashion designer Christian Dior. He has love for art that’s why he launched this company after World War 2 with the collaboration of Pierre Bal main and with the help of Marcel Boussac in 1946.

Romeo Gigli Perfume

Romeo Gigli is founder of “Romeo Gigli perfume”. He did his first fashion design in 1972 and made his own label, manufactured by Novara based company Zamasport, in 1983. He gave great change to Italian fashion. His fashion design 80’s was very popular. In 1991 he separated his business from his partners .

Marc Jacobs Perfume

Marc Jacobs is founder of “Marc Jacobs Perfume”. He graduated in art and design. He won numerous awards on his work. In 1989 he joined as vice president council of Fashion Designers of America Perry Ellis. In 1993 Marc Jacobs launched its own licensing and design company: Marc Jacobs International.

Naomi Campbell Perfume

Naomi Campbell is founder of “Naomi Campbell perfume”. She was described as “first black super model”. Naomi Campbell is a basically an actress and it was her ambition to become a model. The perfumes introduced by Naomi Campbell later on.Exult perfume is brand of Naomi Campbell. It was introduced in 2001. It is ladies scent.

Salvador Dali Perfume

Salvador Dali is founder of “Salvador Dali perfume”. He did studies in fine arts. Silver Dali was Spanish artist; he worked in many things like designing state setting, jewelry, clothes and perfumes.There is a seductive blend of precious fragrance notes that makes it impulsive and indulgent. There are three types of fragrances available.

Adidas Perfumes

18 August 1949 Adidas came into existence and registered as a company. Adidas name decided as following the name of its founder Adolf as “adi” and Dassler as “das”. Adolf Dassler created Adidas shoes when he realized the need of performance athletic shoes. Adidas shoe is still the main product that Adidas is known for all over the world.

Alexander Julian Perfume

Alexander Julian born and grew up in Chapel hill. He had artistic vision and was an intellectual designer. He was student of Fashion, style and business. By the age of 16 he had the managerial abilities. When he was 19 he opened his own boutique in Southeast in the Chapel hill with the name of “Alexander Ambitious”. 

Alfred Sung Perfume

Alfred Sung was born in Shanghai in June 1948 and brought up in Hock Kong. He is a Canadian designer for men and women fashion, fragrance, apparel and home fashion. In 1979 Saul and Joseph started business together with Sung and soon became famous in the Canadian fashion industry. All three partners Saul, Joseph and Sung formed a Monaco Group Inc. in 1980. 

Allure Perfume

Chanel, vendor of Allure perfumes opened her first shop in 1912. Till 1920 Chanel became one of the famous designers in Paris, France. In 1922 Chanel took step in the world of fragrance and launched a perfume with the name of Chanel No.5. Chanel No.5 became very popular after a short period of its launch and remained popular.

Amarige Perfume

Givenchy pronounced as gee-won-shee registered as company in 1952 and founded by designer Hubert De Givenchy. Givenchy brand name was decided as following name of its founder Hubert De Givenchy. Hubert died in 1995. In 2001 Julien McDonald appointed as designer for women’s range of products. 

Ambush Perfume

Ambush Co. founded on 13 June 1997 by Chuck Morrow. Ambush started its business in 1200 square foot shop Cobb Place Shopping Center in Kennesaw, GA. At the beginning of business Ambush was basically music based shop. Afterwards Ambush stocked of skateboards, skate shoes and snow boards.

Angel Perfume

Thierry Mugler, vendor of Angel brand name is known as “The Prophet Of Futurism” because of his intellectual creativity and unique designs. According to Thierry Mugler” Intellect is the servant of the spirit”.Thierry Mugler was born in France in 1948. He designed his first costume at the age of 14 for his girl friend.

Ann Taylor Perfume

Ann Taylor was founded and registered as a company by Ann Taylor in 1954. Its name was decided as following the name if its owner. Ann Taylor’s head quarter is in New York City, America. There are 5600 employees in the company and now a day Kay Krill is acting as CEO of company.

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