Alexander Julian Perfume

Alexander Julian born and grew up in Chapel hill. He had artistic vision and was an intellectual designer. He was student of Fashion, style and business. By the age of 16 he had the managerial abilities. When he was 19 he opened his own boutique in Southeast in the Chapel hill with the name of “Alexander Ambitious”. Alexander moved to New York City in 1975. He received CFDA award in 1981. In 1994 the launch of Alexander furniture was the greatest launch in the history of furnishing. Further more Alexander launched more products in various fields like, apparel, home furnishing, sports and clothing.

Colours Perfume By Alexander Julian

Colours perfume by Alexander Julian is classified as refreshing due to toilet for women. It launched by the design house of Alexander Julian in 1992. Colours perfume by Alexander Julian is the blend of orient, sandalwood and patchouli.

Alexander Julian Women wear Perfume

Alexander Julian women wear perfume introduced in 1992 by Paul Sabastian. This sensational is a blend of sharp and gentle floral scent.

Alexander Julian Colours Perfume

Alexander Julian colours perfume by Alexander Julian launched by the design house of Alexander Julian in 1992. Casual but sharp Alexander Julian perfume is the blend of sandalwood and patchouli. Classified as male fragrance.

Alexander Julian Perfume By Alexander Julian

Alexander Julian perfume classified as women perfume launched in 1992 by Alexander Julian. This feminine due to toilet by Alexander Julian is blend of sparkly, soft and crisp floral. This scent is recommended for day time.

Alexander Julian was an artistic minded person. Alexander Julian clothing is very famous due to attractive colour range. Alexander Julian perfumes are refreshing and charming in smell and easily available in the shopping malls on discount prizes. Alexander Julian has huge range of products in the market catering men, women, home furnishing, apparel and sports.

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