Ann Taylor Perfume

Ann Taylor was founded and registered as a company by Ann Taylor in 1954. Its name was decided as following the name if its owner. Ann Taylor’s head quarter is in New York City, America. There are 5600 employees in the company and now a day Kay Krill is acting as CEO of company.
Ann Taylor is dealing in wide range of clothing, accessories, shoes and perfumes. The company aim is to providing casual, occasional and executive dresses at the same outlet and facilitating the women’s modern busy life style. Ann Taylor has 824 stores in 46 states of America. Ann Taylor store operates under three brand name range. Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Loft and Ann Taylor Factory.Such online sites have interesting message boards, and you can make friends there, add your comments about each perfume and rate perfumes as well. Such activities are fun and exciting for some who feel that they can share something with another who is using the same perfume

Destination Perfume

Destination perfume by Ann Taylor is introduced and created by design house of Ann Taylor. This sweet fragrance classified as women wear scent. This amazing scent is blend of fresh, fruity citrus with a floral mixture. Destination by Ann Taylor bottle’s size is 2.5oz. Destination recommended for all seasons.

Ann Women

Ann Women by Ann Taylor, created by design house of Ann Taylor. This refreshing, terrific fragrance classified as feminine scent. Ann Women is available in size of 2.5oz. This refreshing scent posses the mixture of soft sweet spices, orange flowers as well as fruity notes. Ann Women is recommended for evening wear use.

Ann Perfume Due To Toilet

Ann Perfume Due To Toilet by Ann Taylor, launched by design house of Ann Taylor. This refreshing and cool fragrance classified as feminine scent. Its bottle size is 1.5oz. Ann Perfume by Ann Taylor has beautiful packing and created for use in every season.Ann Taylor providing wide range of products those are meeting customer’s expectations and providing satisfaction to them. Ann Taylor products are easily available in 46 states of America at Ann Taylor’s out lets or stores.
Ann Taylor perfumes are not much expensive. They have considerable power of fragrance even you can find it on your body till next day

Famous designers as well as famous personalities develop designer women’s perfumes. Stars often start their own perfume brands. These celebrates include film stars, sport stars or music stars. Sometimes important social figures also like to have a brand of perfume bearing their own name.

The price differences of women’s perfumes are according to the brand of the perfume. Big designer houses like Armani, Prada and Gucci who are famous because of other products are already highly priced. Besides that, when great and famous personalities lend their names to a perfume brand, the buyer has to pay a price for it. These are the high-priced women’s perfumes, but there are lower priced perfumes too, which are also popular.

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