There is nothing more suggestive than a perfume, precisely because it is a memory we cannot erase.”

- Christian Dior

Christian Dior Perfume
Parfums Christian Dior is the make-up and perfumery line of Christian Dior SA, based on the company created by twentieth-century fashion designer Christian Dior. He has love for art that’s why he launched this company after World War 2 with the collaboration of Pierre Bal main and with the help of Marcel Boussac in 1946. It features a comprehensive amount of masculine and feminine fragrances (some of which have been discontinued), as well as a set of colognes created for Dior Homme.

Christian Dior is the founder of “Christian Dior Perfume”.

Cris1947 Perfume

It’s a brand of Christian Dior Perfume. That was launched in 2003. It is a ladies perfume. The ingredients used in this product are Floral Fresh Scent, Unusual Floral Notes and hints of Musk. This product is original with authentic brand name.

Miss Dior Perfume

This is the brand by Christian Dior Perfume. In 1947 it was launched in design house of Christian Dior. There is classified as a refreshing woody and mossy fragrance by Miss Dior. It is for lady use. The ingredients are use in this feminine scent possesses a blend of rose, gardenia, sage, and other green florals. It is for day time user.

Jadore Perfume

Jadore is brand of Christian Dior Perfume. It was launched in design house in 2000 by Christian Dior. Feminine scent possesses a blend of floral orchids, violets, rose and blackberry musk. That was classified as refreshing flowery fragrance.

Christian Dior Products

The owner of these products has been known “the most famous name in fashion”. This is popular creation by Christian Dior. Fahrenheit Fragrance also include in it. All the products have luxury feature.

I Love Dior Perfume

It is a brand of Christian Dior Perfume. That was introduced in 2002 by Christian Dior. This is use not only for women. The fragrance is for both men and women. There is flowery blend of flowery aromas use in it, but Christian Dior Perfume is use for only woman and recommended for daytime wear. This is original product with original brand name produced by original manufacturers.
If you are not on an extremely tight budget then you can shop at a fine department store. Even if you are on a budget you should stay away from the dollar stores. This is obvious but some folks will try to pull this on the girl as a gift. Ideally you will want get the opinion of another woman if you are really unsure of what you are looking at. Try to find her favorite perfume if you know what it is or you could always try for something a little different.

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