Romeo Gigli Perfume

Romeo Gigli is founder of “Romeo Gigli perfume”. He did his first fashion design in 1972 and made his own label, manufactured by Novara based company Zamasport, in 1983. He gave great change to Italian fashion. His fashion design 80’s was very popular. In 1991 he separated his business from his partners Donato Maiano and Carla Sozzani and reconstructed his business. In 1990 he became the popular designer world wide. Later on perfumes was also introduced by Romeo Gigli.

Romeo perfume

Romeo perfume is brand of Romeo Gigli. It was launched in 1990. It is ladies perfume. The fragrance of this perfume is fresh, fruity floral.
Romeo Gigli perfumes have good quality and discount prices. Romeo Gigli perfumes give no allergy. People like this perfume due to his beautiful fragrance and affordable prices. The fragrance of Romeo Gigli perfume is outstanding. The perfume bottles of Romeo Gigli perfume are very beautiful. The designs of perfume bottles really attract people’s attention towards it. Always buy original brand of Romeo Gigli perfume. The Romeo Gigli perfumes are popular in people because it is making perfumes according to people taste.

Romeo Gigli cologne

Romeo Gigli cologne is brand of Romeo Gigli. It was launched in 1991. The fragrance of this cologne is sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It is masculine scent. Romeo Gigli cologne is for day time wear.

Romeo Gigli perfume

Romeo Gigli perfume is brand of Romeo Gigli. It was launched in 1989. The scent of Romeo Gigli is sharp and flowery. It is ladies perfume. The ingredients used in are blend of crisp mandarin, mango, lime, rose, iris and sandal wood. Romeo Gigli perfume is for day time wear.


The fragrance is so intoxicating that it makes you feel glamorous and opulent. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet is just as irresistible because of its ultra feminine fragrance. There is a seductive blend of precious fragrance notes that makes it impulsive and indulgent. There are three types of fragrances available, which are top, middle and base notes. The top notes have fragrances of chocolate, wet greens, geranium leaves and Sicilian lemon. The middle notes have flower fragrances of magnolia and honeysuckle and the base notes are musk, teakwood and amber.

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