Heart Shaped Tattoos

The heart shape is beautiful! This feeling is almost unanimous. For centuries, it has been the symbol of love and affection. The heart shape has been tattooed on the human form for a long while.

Sailors come to mind when thinking about heart shaped tattoo designs. They were always on the upper arm with a scroll-like ribbon saying something like "Mom" or their loved one.

Where did this shape originate? Well, there is probably more to this design than what you can think. The origin of the heart shape (not the shape of the actual human heart) is not completely identified. We do know that it has it's origins in the ancient times. Some say it resembles the seed of the silphium plant. This plant was said to be an herbal contraceptive. It has been adopted to suit a need for artistically expressing the feeling of love.

Why is this design so popular with tattoo artists? It has to do with a number of different facets of classic tattoo design. The red color represents love in all it's forms and is very striking as a tattoo. Love of family, love of friends, love of that special one - these are all meanings associated with this shape. Heart shaped tattoo designs are very special and deserve extra care when inking on the body. When this design is inked, the person seeing it is immediately given the sense that the person with the tattoo is trying to express love in some way.

They may be trying to show love as it relates to the loss of someone remembered. It might mean that they are truly in love with a special person. Or, still another meaning might be the close relationship with a best friend or relative. Whatever the exact meaning - the heart shaped tattoo design shows love in some form or another.
How does one design the heart shaped tattoo? You can place a ribbon across it (as mentioned above) with a special message. You can pierce it with an arrow (the classic love symbol) that might even be shot from a Cupid's bow. It can be inked very full and 3 dimensional or deflated as in the case of heartbreak. There are many different moods, emotions and feelings that can be displayed by modifying the heart shaped design. These include ... balloons on strings, tears and kisses. They conform nicely to certain parts of the anatomy such as the lower back, breastbone, upper chest area etc.

Whatever the design, make sure that the meaning holds for you. Don't forget that whatever design you ink on your body is there for good. If you are going to use someone's name with the heart design then check with that person first. Make sure the feeling is mutual and express yourself! 
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