Tattoos for Women

Foot tattoo designs are a great option for someone looking to get a tattoo or add to their tattoo collection. They are often small, less expensive and they are very easy to cover up. So they make a great tattoo. However, deciding what to get for your foot tattoo design can be difficult.

This article will help you identify some ways to locate wonderful foot tattoo designs and also potential areas to watch out for if you are considering getting a foot tattoo. 

Locating Designs 

Locating the right design for you tattoo can often led people to a lot of frustration. It is common to hear people sigh with exasperation and throw their arms up in the air (well can't "hear" that one but you get the picture) and state they are giving up. They have the ideal tattoo design in their mind and they are looking everywhere for the last six months to try and find the design and they just don't see it anywhere. This is so common and I see people asking for help online out of pure frustration. So in order to put this type of pain and suffering or frustration to an end here is some advice. First of all don't look for the exact tattoo you have in your mind. You probably will never find it. It is not out there and that is a good thing. It means you have thought of something original and unique which will make your tattoo that much better. So instead use the following resources to help you locate research materials to aide the tattoo artist. Then express what you are looking for and turn over your samples to the tattoo artist and let them do their job!


The internet has both paid for sites that have high quality designs then then free photo galleries of tattoos people have already gotten. These both work very well to find sources and ideas for your design. Do not search for free tattoo designs as you will only get back a lot of junk. Instead either pay for a membership site or look at the free gallery sites where people post their own pictures of tattoos they have.

Tattoo Shop 
This is the best place to go and a huge help. Make sure you find a shop where you can talk easily with the artists and find people that will listen to your ideas. If the artists in the shop are snotty or rude in anyway just thank them for their time and walk out.

Potential Downsides
There are some potential downsides to getting a foot tattoo. First of all the foot can be a pretty painful area to get tattoos done. They foot is always moving and often under a sock and shoe and there is a lot of friction and rubbing in the area. Thus the actual time spent getting the tattooing and the healing process can be more painful then with some other tattoo designs. This should not stop you from getting a foot tattoo but if it is your first tattoo you might want to get a small tattoo done somewhere else that is less painful to test our the experience first.

Finding great looking tattoos for women is easy. It helps to follow the above sources and ideas to make your search for foot tattoo designs easier but in the end just relax and enjoy the process. Tattoos should not be something that you rush just to have one or get it done. Instead enjoy the process and spend your time carefully planning and researching the foot tattoo design.  
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